It’s Mean. It’s Green. It’s Café L’Ecir.

Café L’Ecir is like the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. The doors open and the funkiness seeps through the cracks. In order to escape from the ghastly metro and make it out alive, I need caffeine. With its uncanny ability to adapt to any situation, it gives me my much needed pick me up. I’m not the only one here, though. One woman, sitting on the cowhide bench, is eating a croissant, fighting ghosts of her own. The check is thrown our way and we face our first obstacle. How will we defeat splitting the check? Velma takes control and defeats the evil math monster. We all pile out of the van, ready to tackle more monsters. It’s mean. It’s green. It’s Café L’Ecir.

Cafe L'Ecir
Cafe L’Ecir

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